“Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say,
just show. Don’t promise, just prove.”

– Hiroko Tsuchimoto 

Our Work

We know that action speaks louder than words. Yes, we believe in what we do and the impact it makes – but our client case studies showcase it better than we can.

We’re proud to work with a growing number of clients in B2B sectors and community focussed initiatives. Organisations that understand the challenges or limitations they have, be it with time, resource or expertise, come to Keystone to help them achieve greater results from their marketing and engagement activity.

No two projects are the same, but the impact we make flows through each of them. Here’s just some of the ways the Keystone approach has made a difference.

The Keystone Marketing Team worked with us to develop a social media campaign to raise the profile of the successes of an EU funding programme we had been running. They supported us to scope out our requirements, understand our key audiences and consider the overall impact we wished to achieve.

I was very impressed at how quickly Keystone got to grips with a complex project, helping us devise key marketing messages and content for social media posts.

The level of engagement on-line has been far greater than we ever expected and through this work, we have achieved our desired outcome of creating local and national awareness to our programme’s successes.

We would not have been able to achieve this impact without Keystone’s professional support, knowledge and expertise.

Kirsten Bennett

Chief Executive, Cambridgeshire ACRE