“Let’s start at the very
beginning (a very good
place to start)”

– Marketing learning from The Sound of Music

Marketing Strategy

Strategy first, tactics second

For us, it always begins with the same starting point.

The Keystone approach is about helping organisations get ready and aim – before they fire.

When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything*

Is your brand and strategy driving your marketing to the greatest effect? We can identify the position and drivers at the heart of your business and develop messaging, strategies and materials that better articulate it.

Too often, marketing activity is undertaken without proper thought about why. Diving in head first to the tactics – the email newsletter, the brochure, the leaflet drop – means that you will usually miss or fail to maximise the opportunities. Only when you’re clear on your objectives and priorities are you ready to start thinking tactically.

Our Methodology is clear – we’re confident that projects and campaigns will only deliver the most successful results if they’re designed to sit against the backdrop of a robust marketing strategy.

*Marketing learning from The Sound of Music

We’re experienced in transforming marketing impact and community engagement. If you’re ready to start thinking about your organisation (or initiative) in a new way – let us help you.

Client Case Studies

Find out how we’ve helped these clients with their marketing strategies

Ways we can help you:

Audit your current marketing approach with our independent pair of eyes

Identify your brand position and plan a new marketing direction with our bespoke strategy workshop

Work with you to develop a marketing strategy that matches your growth aspirations

Help you deliver on your existing strategy as an extra pair of hands

The Keystone Marketing Team worked with us to develop a social media campaign to raise the profile of the successes of an EU funding programme we had been running. They supported us to scope out our requirements, understand our key audiences and consider the overall impact we wished to achieve.

I was very impressed at how quickly Keystone got to grips with a complex project, helping us devise key marketing messages and content for social media posts.

The level of engagement on-line has been far greater than we ever expected and through this work, we have achieved our desired outcome of creating local and national awareness to our programme’s successes.

We would not have been able to achieve this impact without Keystone’s professional support, knowledge and expertise.

Kirsten Bennett

Chief Executive, Cambridgeshire ACRE

Identify your brand position and plan a new marketing direction with a bespoke strategy workshop.